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Vocal Studio


While piano is my main focus, I also have many years experience in vocal instruction as well as performance. I've studied voice for 12 years and have a few students I currently work with.

My Approach

Learning to sing involves a special relationship between student and teacher that is unlike most other disciplines. I see it as my responsibility as the teacher to help unlock a student’s physical, mental, technical, musical and artistic vocal potential. I believe in the basics of good vocal production, but I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Each student has strengths and weaknesses that must be identified in order to customize an individual course of study suited just for them. 

I teach using a basic classical style for learning to sing. Then using this as a starting point the classical style can be pursued even farther, or we may decide to branch out to other musical styles.

With every student, I will discuss the anatomy of the voice, how the mechanism works, and how the entire body is involved in singing. In addition to learning assigned songs, specific vocal exercises will be customized and assigned for regular practice between lessons.


I have taught a variety of students in the past who have had various reasons for taking voice lessons. Some want to learn to sing better for personal enjoyment. Others want to be better and more productive members of their church or local choir. Some want to be more involved in their church worship team. Some are young people wishing to get better roles or help in auditioning in their school musicals or sing solos in other school performing groups. Whatever your reasons for wanting to sing better, I believe I can tailor an approach to help you reach your goals.


Tuition is due in advance of the coming month, at the first lesson of the month. The cost of tuition remains the same for each month whether there are three, four or five 'lesson days'  in any given month.

  • Beginning forty-five minute lessons: Tuition is $150 for one month of forty-five-minute lessons.

  • Intermediate hour- long lessons: Tuition is $200 for one month of sixty-minute lessons.

Read more about lesson recommendations, my absence policy,

and more in my full list of policies.

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